Proven! The novel coronavirus can be killed by ultraviolet rays in 30s. 99.9%

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was successfully killed in 30s by Seoul Viosys and SETi in Seoul, Korea, recently announced by Violeds SETi.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment plan (trial version 7) was also released by the National Health Council and pointed out that ultraviolet rays can antagonize the new coronavirus.

The pulsed ultraviolet disinfection robot developed by DONEAX technology has the characteristics of high efficiency, fast speed and short disinfection time. It can quickly kill pathogens on the surface and within 5 minutes and it can effectively reduce or cut off the spread and infection of pathogens, and meet the requirements of all-round disinfection in various occasions.


Another product of DONEAX, intelligent pulsed light disinfection robot, has the characteristics of autonomous navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance and automatic recharging. In addition to being able to effectively kill bacteria and pathogens in the air and surface, it can also greatly reduce human-computer contact and avoid cross infection!



Post time: Dec-11-2020