Proven! Pulse disinfection robot can inactivate new coronavirus

The new coronavirus is rampant all over the world, which seriously threatens the safety and health of human beings. In addition to conventional disinfection, is there a more rapid and effective way to kill the new coronavirus?

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Pulse disinfection technology has been proved to be able to kill MRSA, c.diff, VRE, h7n9, SARS, Ebola and other bacteria and viruses, so can it resist the new coronavirus?
With these doubts, the Texas Biomedical Research Institute conducted an experiment in the United States. The results show that the pulse disinfection robot can inactivate the new coronavirus.

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The Texas Institute of biomedical research is one of the world’s leading independent institutes specialized¬†in infectious diseases. The experiment was carried out in the BSL-4 control laboratory. Within 2 minutes, the disinfection robot destroyed sars-cov-2, which was the virus that caused covid-19. The decontamination of N95 mask was tested. The results showed that the disinfection level reached 99.99%.


Pulse disinfection robot uses pulse technology to produce UVC light with high intensity and full sterilization spectrum (200-315nm) by using xenon lamp. The energy is 20000 times of sunlight and 3000 times of ultraviolet lamp. Different pathogens are sensitive to UVC light of different wavelengths. The pulse disinfection robot has a complete sterilization spectrum light, which can quickly kill the most vulnerable viruses, bacteria and spores. In addition, the pulse light is a cold light source, which will not damage the hospital equipment.

Based on the characteristics of its fast work, no need to preheat or cool down time, the pulse disinfection robot can disinfect dozens of rooms every day, which has been widely used in the General Hospital of the people’s Liberation Army, Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Shengjing Hospital Affiliated to China Medical University, the first hospital affiliated to halbin Medical University, Tumor Hospital of Shandong Province, South Hospital and the fifth hospital of Wuhan city Hospitals and other medical institutions and play an important role in the prevention and control of new coronavirus.

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Post time: Dec-11-2020