Latest research: the new coronavirus may survive on the face of the mask for 7 days! Daily disinfection is essential

The novel coronavirus has been published on the lancet by Stability of SARS-CoV-2 in different environmental conditions recently. The paper shows that the survival time of the new coronavirus can reach up to 7 days outside the mask, and the virus is stable at various pH values at room temperature. “Of”


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On the whole, the hiding power of new coronavirus can not be ignored. The longer the virus lives on the surface of the object, the greater the risk is on infection through contact. Disinfection is an important means to cut off the transmission path and control the epidemic of infectious diseases. It is very necessary to carry out daily disinfection of indoor air and surfaces!

Compared with the commonly used methods of hydrogen peroxide disinfection, dry heat disinfection and high temperature disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection is more convenient and environmentally friendly, and is suitable for routine disinfection in hospitals. Earlier, China’s novel coronavirus was sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and a similar investigation conducted by CDC.

Shenzhen Dongzi technology’s UV disinfection system products can be applied to the current epidemic prevention and control.

Product introduction

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The new disinfector PulseIn-D) is a new type of coronavirus disinfection equipment, which is 3000 times the energy of ultraviolet light. It can deactivate novel coronavirus, MRSA, C.diff, VRE and other virus infection rates in medical institutions. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, its efficiency of microbial load removal is more than 20 times so that it has been a new weapon for infection prevention and control now.

With the characteristics of automatic navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic recharging and intelligent disinfection, the same series of intelligent impulse disinfection and sterilization robots (aistrike) can disinfect the infectious ward, respiratory department and other areas independently, reducing the risk of infection for medical staff.

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Continuous disinfection, coexistence of human and machine, fresh and clean

Internal specular reflection and lens are used to realize the upper level of UV light;

The imported high-energy ozone free ultraviolet light is used, and the energy around 1m is more than 200uw;

Original imported photocatalyst technology for disinfection, sterilization and odor removal, anion air freshness technology;

Three disinfection methods, i.e. UV 253.7nm, UV LED and photocatalyst, are created. They are efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, and can reach the standard within 10min;

Infrared detection, when the height of personnel exceeds 2.1m, the upper level ultraviolet radiation will be automatically turned off;

Regular start and stop, multi-mode selection, turn off air circulation, realize full mute upper UV disinfection;

Very little noise, no ozone leakage, no UV light below 2.1m.

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Ultra thin design, high color value; cylinder design, light and portable

Man machine co-existence, hospital disinfection level, good disinfection and sterilization effect;

The disinfection area can reach 60m2, which can easily meet the requirements of indoor disinfection;

Adopt imported photocatalyst technology, disinfect, sterilize and remove peculiar smell;

Touch control, intelligent display touch screen, wireless remote control;

Ultra thin design, wall hanging;

Timing start and stop, man-machine coexistence.

Application scenario

1. Emergency department, fever clinic

Upper level UV Photocatalyst air disinfection machine + pulse UV disinfection robot


2. Ward

Air disinfector with UV photocatalyst


3. Inpatient area

Mobile ultraviolet Photocatalyst air disinfector


4. Disinfection of recyclable articles

Pulse ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization robot + disinfection bin


5. Hall walkway disinfection

Intelligent pulse ultraviolet disinfection robot


Post time: Dec-11-2020