Shenzhen University General Hospital

Shenzhen University General Hospital is a Grade-3 general hospital, the Shenzhen Medical Insurance designated hospital, and the first directly affiliated hospital of Shenzhen University.

Set up the department

At present, 25 clinical departments and 10 medical technology departments have been set up.

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Scientific research platform

Three national laboratory platforms: National Biochemical Engineering Technology Research Center, National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratories for Key Technologies of Medical Ultrasound, National and local joint engineering laboratory for key technologies of medical synthetic biology application.

One domestic and foreign scientific and technological cooperation base: International research and development base for cancer stem cell vaccine.

Six provincial key laboratory platforms: Guangdong key Laboratory of Biomedical Information testing and Ultrasonic Imaging, Guangdong key Laboratory of Genome Stability and Disease Prevention and treatment, Guangdong Provincial key Laboratory of tissue and Organ Regional Immunization and Disease, Guangdong standardized Allergen Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Medical Electronic instrument Transformation Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Natural small molecule Innovation Drug Engineering Technology Research Center;

One Nobel Prize Laboratory in Shenzhen: Marshall Biomedical Engineering Laboratory of Shenzhen University;

14 municipal laboratory platforms.

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